Class GizmoSolutionClonerImplementor

  • public class GizmoSolutionClonerImplementor
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • getInstanceOfComparator

        public static Comparator<Class<?>> getInstanceOfComparator​(Set<Class<?>> deepClonedClassSet)
        Return a comparator that sorts classes into instanceof check order. In particular, if x is a subclass of y, then x will appear earlier than y in the list.
        deepClonedClassSet - The set of classes to generate a comparator for
        A comparator that sorts classes from deepClonedClassSet such that x < y if x is assignable from y.
      • defineClonerFor

        public static void defineClonerFor​(io.quarkus.gizmo.ClassCreator classCreator,
                                           SolutionDescriptor<?> solutionDescriptor,
                                           List<Class<?>> solutionClassList,
                                           Map<Class<?>,​GizmoSolutionOrEntityDescriptor> memoizedSolutionOrEntityDescriptorMap,
                                           Set<Class<?>> deepClonedClassSet)
        Generates the constructor and implementations of SolutionCloner methods for the given SolutionDescriptor using the given ClassCreator
        classCreator - ClassCreator to write output to
        solutionDescriptor - SolutionDescriptor to generate MemberAccessor methods implementation for