Annotation Type PreviousElementShadowVariable

  • @Target({METHOD,FIELD})
    public @interface PreviousElementShadowVariable
    Specifies that a bean property (or a field) references the previous element in the same PlanningListVariable. The previous element's index is 1 lower than this element's index. It is null if this element is the first element in the list variable.

    It is specified on a getter of a java bean property (or a field) of a PlanningEntity class.

    The source variable must be a list variable.

    • Element Detail

      • sourceVariableName

        String sourceVariableName
        The source variable must be a list variable.

        When the Solver changes a genuine variable, it adjusts the shadow variable accordingly. In practice, the Solver ignores shadow variables (except for consistency housekeeping).

        property name of the list variable that contains instances of this planning value