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Chapter 8. Construction heuristics

8.1. Overview
8.2. First Fit
8.2.1. Algorithm description
8.2.2. Configuration
8.3. First Fit Decreasing
8.3.1. Algorithm description
8.3.2. Configuration
8.4. Best Fit
8.4.1. Algorithm description
8.4.2. Configuration
8.5. Best Fit Decreasing
8.5.1. Algorithm description
8.5.2. Configuration
8.6. Cheapest insertion
8.6.1. Algorithm description
8.6.2. Configuration
8.7. Regret insertion
8.7.1. Algorithm description
8.7.2. Configuration

A construction heuristic builds a pretty good initial solution in a finite length of time. Its solution isn't always feasible, but it finds it fast and metaheuristics can finish the job.

Construction heuristics terminate automatically, so there's usually no need to configure a Termination on the construction heuristic phase specifically.