Class AbstractPillarMoveSelectorConfig<C extends AbstractPillarMoveSelectorConfig<C>>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractPillarMoveSelectorConfig

        public AbstractPillarMoveSelectorConfig()
    • Method Detail

      • setSubPillarType

        public void setSubPillarType​(SubPillarType subPillarType)
      • getSubPillarSequenceComparatorClass

        public Class<? extends Comparator> getSubPillarSequenceComparatorClass()
      • setSubPillarSequenceComparatorClass

        public void setSubPillarSequenceComparatorClass​(Class<? extends Comparator> subPillarSequenceComparatorClass)
      • setPillarSelectorConfig

        public void setPillarSelectorConfig​(PillarSelectorConfig pillarSelectorConfig)
      • inherit

        public C inherit​(C inheritedConfig)
        Description copied from class: AbstractConfig
        Inherits each property of the inheritedConfig unless that property (or a semantic alternative) is defined by this instance (which overwrites the inherited behaviour).

        After the inheritance, if a property on this AbstractConfig composition is replaced, it should not affect the inherited composition instance.

        inherit in class MoveSelectorConfig<C extends AbstractPillarMoveSelectorConfig<C>>
        inheritedConfig - never null