Class SubSingleBenchmarkResult

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class SubSingleBenchmarkResult
    extends Object
    implements BenchmarkResult
    Represents 1 benchmark run for 1 Single Benchmark configuration for 1 Solver configuration for 1 problem instance (data set).
    • Constructor Detail

      • SubSingleBenchmarkResult

        public SubSingleBenchmarkResult​(SingleBenchmarkResult singleBenchmarkResult,
                                        int subSingleBenchmarkIndex)
    • Method Detail

      • setPureSubSingleStatisticList

        public void setPureSubSingleStatisticList​(List<PureSubSingleStatistic> pureSubSingleStatisticList)
      • initSubSingleStatisticMap

        public void initSubSingleStatisticMap()
      • setSingleBenchmarkResult

        public void setSingleBenchmarkResult​(SingleBenchmarkResult singleBenchmarkResult)
      • getSubSingleBenchmarkIndex

        public int getSubSingleBenchmarkIndex()
      • setUsedMemoryAfterInputSolution

        public void setUsedMemoryAfterInputSolution​(Long usedMemoryAfterInputSolution)
      • getSucceeded

        public Boolean getSucceeded()
      • setSucceeded

        public void setSucceeded​(Boolean succeeded)
      • getScore

        public Score<?> getScore()
      • setScore

        public void setScore​(Score<?> score)
      • getTimeMillisSpent

        public long getTimeMillisSpent()
      • setTimeMillisSpent

        public void setTimeMillisSpent​(long timeMillisSpent)
      • getScoreCalculationCount

        public long getScoreCalculationCount()
      • setScoreCalculationCount

        public void setScoreCalculationCount​(long scoreCalculationCount)
      • getScoreExplanationSummary

        public String getScoreExplanationSummary()
      • setScoreExplanationSummary

        public void setScoreExplanationSummary​(String scoreExplanationSummary)
      • getRanking

        public Integer getRanking()
      • setRanking

        public void setRanking​(Integer ranking)
      • hasAllSuccess

        public boolean hasAllSuccess()
        Specified by:
        hasAllSuccess in interface BenchmarkResult
        true if all child benchmarks were a success and the variable is initialized
      • isInitialized

        public boolean isInitialized()
      • hasAnyFailure

        public boolean hasAnyFailure()
        Specified by:
        hasAnyFailure in interface BenchmarkResult
        true if there is a failed child benchmark and the variable is initialized
      • isScoreFeasible

        public boolean isScoreFeasible()
      • getScoreCalculationSpeed

        public Long getScoreCalculationSpeed()
      • isWinner

        public boolean isWinner()
      • makeDirs

        public void makeDirs()
      • accumulateResults

        public void accumulateResults​(BenchmarkReport benchmarkReport)