Annotation Type PlanningSolution

  • @Target(TYPE)
    public @interface PlanningSolution
    Specifies that the class is a planning solution. A solution represents a problem and a possible solution of that problem. A possible solution does not need to be optimal or even feasible. A solution's planning variables might not be initialized (especially when delivered as a problem).

    A solution is mutable. For scalability reasons (to facilitate incremental score calculation), the same solution instance (called the working solution per move thread) is continuously modified. It's cloned to recall the best solution.

    Each planning solution must have exactly 1 PlanningScore property.

    Each planning solution must have at least 1 PlanningEntityCollectionProperty or PlanningEntityProperty property.

    Each planning solution is recommended to have 1 ConstraintConfigurationProvider property too.

    Each planning solution used with Drools score calculation must have at least 1 ProblemFactCollectionProperty or ProblemFactProperty property.

    The class should have a public no-arg constructor, so it can be cloned (unless the solutionCloner() is specified).