Interface Notification<Solution_,​T extends AbstractVariableListener<Solution_,​Object>>

    • Method Detail

      • entityRemoved

        static <Solution_> EntityNotification<Solution_> entityRemoved​(Object entity)
        The entity was removed.
      • variableChanged

        static <Solution_> BasicVariableNotification<Solution_> variableChanged​(Object entity)
        Basic genuine or shadow planning variable changed on entity.
      • elementAdded

        static <Solution_> ListVariableNotification<Solution_> elementAdded​(Object entity,
                                                                            int index)
        An element was added to entity's list variable at index.
      • elementRemoved

        static <Solution_> ListVariableNotification<Solution_> elementRemoved​(Object entity,
                                                                              int index)
        An element was removed from entity's list variable at index.
      • elementMoved

        static <Solution_> ListVariableNotification<Solution_> elementMoved​(Object sourceEntity,
                                                                            int sourceIndex,
                                                                            Object destinationEntity,
                                                                            int destinationIndex)
        An element was moved from sourceEntity[sourceIndex] to destinationEntity[destinationIndex].
      • triggerBefore

        void triggerBefore​(T variableListener,
                           ScoreDirector<Solution_> scoreDirector)
        Trigger variableListener's before method corresponding to this notification.
      • triggerAfter

        void triggerAfter​(T variableListener,
                          ScoreDirector<Solution_> scoreDirector)
        Trigger variableListener's after method corresponding to this notification.