Class ShadowVariablesAssert

  • public final class ShadowVariablesAssert
    extends Object
    Serves for detecting shadow variables' corruption. When a snapshot is created, it records the state of all shadow variables of all entities. The createShadowVariablesViolationMessage(long) method takes a look at the shadow variables again, compares their state with the recorded one and describes the difference in a violation message.
    • Method Detail

      • createShadowVariablesViolationMessage

        public String createShadowVariablesViolationMessage​(long violationDisplayLimit)
        Takes a look at the shadow variables of all entities and compares them against the recorded state. Every difference is added to the violation message. The first N differences up to the violationDisplayLimit are displayed in detail; the number of violations exceeding the display limit is reported at the end. The limit applies per each shadow variable descriptor.

        This method should be called after a forceful trigger of variable listeners.

        violationDisplayLimit - maximum number of violations reported per shadow variable descriptor
        description of the violations or null if there are none