Interface Quadruple<A,​B,​C,​D>

  • Type Parameters:
    A -
    B -
    C -
    D -
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    public interface Quadruple<A,​B,​C,​D>
    An immutable tuple of four values. Two instances are equal if all four values in the first instance are equal to their counterpart in the other instance.
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        static <A,​B,​C,​D> Quadruple<A,​B,​C,​D> of​(A a,
                                                                                   B b,
                                                                                   C c,
                                                                                   D d)
      • getA

        A getA()
      • getB

        B getB()
      • getC

        C getC()
      • getD

        D getD()