Interface SolutionCloner<Solution_>

Type Parameters:
Solution_ - the solution type, the class with the PlanningSolution annotation
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public interface SolutionCloner<Solution_>
Clones a PlanningSolution during planning. Used to remember the state of a good PlanningSolution so it can be recalled at a later time when the original PlanningSolution is already modified. Also used in population based heuristics to increase or repopulate the population.

Planning cloning is hard: avoid doing it yourself.

An implementing class must be thread-safe after initialization on account of partitioned search using the same cloner on multiple part threads.

  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Does a planning clone.
  • Method Details

    • cloneSolution

      Solution_ cloneSolution(Solution_ original)
      Does a planning clone. The returned PlanningSolution clone must fulfill these requirements:
      • The clone must represent the same planning problem. Usually it reuses the same instances of the problem facts and problem fact collections as the original.
      • The clone must have the same (equal) score as the original.
      • The clone must use different, cloned instances of the entities and entity collections. If a cloned entity changes, the original must remain unchanged. If an entity is added or removed in a cloned PlanningSolution, the original PlanningSolution must remain unchanged.
      Note that a class might support more than 1 clone method: planning clone is just one of them.

      This method is thread-safe.

      original - never null, the original PlanningSolution
      never null, the cloned PlanningSolution