Class AbstractScoreVerifier<Solution_>

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractScoreVerifier

        public AbstractScoreVerifier​(SolverFactory<Solution_> solverFactory,
                                     Class<? extends Score<?>> expectedScoreClass)
        solverFactory - never null, the SolverFactory of which you want to test the constraints.
        expectedScoreClass - never null, used to fail fast if a SolverFactory with another Score type is used.
    • Method Detail

      • assertWeight

        protected void assertWeight​(String constraintPackage,
                                    String constraintName,
                                    int scoreLevel,
                                    Number expectedWeight,
                                    Solution_ solution)
        Assert that the constraint of PlanningSolution has the expected weight for that score level.
        constraintPackage - sometimes null. When null, constraintName for the scoreLevel must be unique.
        scoreLevel - at least 0
        constraintName - never null, the name of the constraint
        expectedWeight - never null, the total weight for all matches of that 1 constraint
        solution - never null